Eiffel Tower at night

I’ve been working as a music journalist (in the loosest sense of the word) for over a decade. I spent a lot of time reviewing concerts for various websites, and in 2013 I considered getting into the photography side of things. Fate, it seemed, would have a hand in making the decision. I started looking around for some used camera gear, but in July 2013 I won a competition. The prize was a Samsung NX300 camera, and a weekend in Paris in the company of professional photographers from around the globe.

Needless to say, I returned from Paris full of inspiration and information, and I’ve spent the years since then working on my photography skills and building a collection of equipment. The Samsung camera has since departed and I now own 2 Canon DSLRs.

My main camera is a 7D Mk II and my secondary/backup camera is a consumer level 550D. I also have a wide variety of lenses, as well as the usual bits and bobs you’ll find in most photographers’ collections, although I won’t bore you with the details.


Taken at Radio 1's Big Weekend Norwich 2015
Dave Grohl

These days I work on  a freelance basis with one of the local newspapers in King’s Lynn, the Lynn News, covering an array of events and news stories, from charity events, to exam results and lots more besides. Music and concerts are still my particular speciality though, and feature heavily in my work over the years.

Some of my personal highlights were shooting at Radio 1’s Big weekend in Norwich in 2015, and covering Festival Too, King’s Lynn’s annual music extravaganza, and one of the largest free festivals (if not THE largest) in Europe.